Meet the Pedrozas


Thank you for taking time to learn more about us, the work Alfredo is doing, and the inappropriate recall targeting Alfredo (and indirectly our family).

We’re your neighbors, we grew up here, and we love this community.

The pride we feel making a difference in our hometown community is why we’re in public service.

In Alfredo’s work as your elected Napa County Supervisor that’s meant moving Napa County forward on climate change, traffic improvements, fire prevention, and much more.

But a small, vocal group has taken disagreement with Alfredo’s leadership and made their opposition to him personal. For them, division and hate have become tools to stop progress.

In that process, they’re attacking our family’s reputation, and wrongly trying to recall Alfredo from office. We want you to hear directly from us that their recall is based on lies. They want to divide our community while Alfredo works to bring our community together.

As a voter, it’s sometimes hard to know who to believe. We understand that, so we’ve recorded a series of interviews (see below). You’ll hear our side of the story and get your own take on who we are and why we’re dedicated to making Napa better for all of us.

And of course, if you ever have questions about county services or need help, you can always reach Alfredo at 707-225-2019.

Thank you so much for your time.

Brenda & Alfredo Pedroza

Meet Your Neighbors:

The Pedroza’s were raised here, fell in love here, and built a future focused on family and public service.

Honoring Sacrifice

Brenda & Alfredo learned how you move your family and your community forward from their parents.


The Pedroza’s were raised here, fell in love here, and built a future focused on family and public service.


Brenda & Alfredo feel gratitude for the Napa community’s spirit and the opportunity to serve. They may face criticism from a small, vocal group who has repeatedly attacked them, but that gratitude does not waiver.

Explaining Hate

Public policy disagreements are one thing. Personal attacks, and explaining them to your children, are another. Alfredo talks about signs around town (appropriating the famous image associated with the first American president of color) used in a hateful way and the lesson it provides.

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